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Roadrunner Reading

September Reading Log Results

Reading Log rewards will begin going home this week, as well as your October Reading Log. This first round the PTA will provide all participants a reward. For October, we will be rewarding the Reading Log forms that are 100% completed. These line items should be filled out to receive a reward:

1) first/ last name
2) TOTAL minutes read
3) Teacher name
4) parent signature

We had 171 Roadrunners participate in September who will be receiving a certificate for a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut and a collectible themed key chain/ ribbon.

Wariner's class had the most students participate with 17, and Carter's class had the most minutes read- 10,670!


Print your own 2018 - 2019 Reading logs. See Locker to the right. 

***** Please note that there are 2 different files, one for our TK through first grade levels and one file for our 2nd-5th grade levels. 

Book Swap

Book Swap takes place during lunch every third Thursday of the month. Your student can trade an age appropriate book for a book or purchase a book for twenty five cents.


Home Reading Club is always looking for gently used or new books, to help with the BOOK SWAP collection. We are always looking for books ranging from 1st grade all the way up to our advanced readers-grade 8. The books in most demand would be grades 3 to grade level 8!!


Here are our Book Swap days for this school year.


September 20 • October 18 • November 15 • December 20 January 24 • February 21 • March 21 • April 18 • May 16

Roadrunner Reading Locker