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Student Resources

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Online Math Practice

Hey kids! Now you can play Mega Math games at home! Follow the link below to find all kinds of Math Practice Games!

For user, type "loscerritos1" or "loscerritos2"  "loscerritos3" "loscerritos4" or "loscerritos5" depending on your grade level. The password is "think."

You're almost there! Click on the "Library" section, and finally on Mega Math!

Find the math skill you are working on, and off you go!

If you need help finding which game is right for you, see your teacher!

Fun literacy games from the BBC 

Reading: ( 

VOCABULARY: Synonyms (

READING and MATH Skills Practice (

TYPING: Lessons (Dance Mat Typing BBC)

SCIENCE:  Interactive Water Cycle

RESEARCH: Enchanted Learning (Tons of Information)

Practice Times Tables:

Practice your states: Lots of good games here on the US and more

Math Games: Practice addition and lots more

EduPlace: A lot more fun than it sounds

Scholarly Prompts

MeasuringCup half full

Potter glasses

Shooting stardaypack