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What's your challenge?

Email the PTA at with your idea for our monthly challenge.

Trash Free lunch

At Los Cerritos we are working toward a trash free lunch. That means bringing a reusable water bottles and containers that go home at the end of lunch.

Green Team

Los Cerritos Recycling Collection Program

Friday is Recycling Day! Please collect your bottles and cans in a plastic bag and drop them off  on the auditorium steps every Friday. Los Cerritos earns money for every item that is recycled.


Reduce Waste & Raise Garden Funds

Donation Bin




Do you have old clothes, shoes, or textiles to get rid of?


Have you seen our new collection center by the Los Cerritos Auditorium?


Help raise funds for our garden program while also reducing waste & clutter at home!!


More information about the USAgain program

Unlikely things to recycle

Tennis shoes: turns them into athletic flooring. sends still-wearable shoes to runners in need in developing countries.

Yoga mats: accepts yoga mats for recycling.

Trophies: Lamb Awards will break your trophies down and remake them into new ones. E-mail, and put “recycling” in the subject line.

Sports equipment: Resell or trade it at your local Play It Again Sports outlet, 800/476-9249.

Telephones: Call to Protect refurbishes cell phones for domestic violence victims (see also “Technotrash,” above). Take corded and cordless phones to a local Best Buy for recycling.

Gift cards and customer loyalty cards: Fill out the form to recycle them. (Accepts conventional cards only, not bioplastic/ compostable cards.) Best Buy also accepts these.

Eyeglasses: Your local Lions Club collects them for people in need.

Fishing line: Mail to Berkley Recycling, which turns it into fish habitat structures: 1900 18th Street; Spirit Lake, IA 51360.

Brita pitcher filters: Preserve’s Gimme 5 program accepts Brita-brand pitcher filters for recycling.See #11 below.

Compostable bioplastics: Find a municipal composter at They will not break down in your home composter. You need to compost commercially.


"Positive publicity generated by a school that is protecting the earth not only buoys the spirits of the students, staff, and parents at that school, it also offers an opportunity to educate the broader school community on steps they can take to be stewards of the environment."

- Grades of Green

Green Ribbon

Green Quick Tips

Great Green Websites

Eco library

Have you read these great titles?

Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

Farewell to Shady Glen by Bill Peet

Earth Remembers When by Dawn Wynne, Illustrated by Gloria Pineiro

The Tree in the Ancient Forest Written by by Carol Reed-Jones

Old Turtle Written by Douglas Wood

All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper

Tracking Trash by Loree Griffin Burns

Green Team Locker
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Using less plastic
Using less plastic

The recycling process