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LBUSD GATE Philosophy

"When participating in a differentiated curriculum, bright, talented students will become analytical thinkers, creative producers and practical problem solvers."

PALS program

The PALS program is designed to meet the needs of primary students who are performing one or more years above grade level overall.

Los Cerritos PALS/GATE

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is PALS different from GATE?

GATE identification is not required for participation in a PALS class. District assessments given to all students are used to determine placement in the PALS program. Formalized GATE testing is used to determine placement in the GATE program.

2. When does formalized GATE testing begin?

2. Formalized GATE testing and identification begins in the second grade and is repeated in 4th grade for those not previously identified.

5. Can I request that my child participate in the PALS program?

PALS placement is not done by parent request. Selection is based upon the multiple criteria approved by the LBUSD GATE Office.

LBUSD GATE Screening in 2nd & 4th Grade

All students in the 2nd and 4th Grade are screened as part of our annual GATE Identification process through Long Beach Unified School District. This process ensures equitable access to the program for all students. Once a student is identified GATE he/she maintains GATE status through the 12th grade and is not screened again. All students at Los Cerritos are exposed to rigorous curriculum, creative experiences, and GATE teaching strategies, regardless of their GATE status. GATE status is not required for students to be placed in an accelerated program in Middle School or High School AP Classes.


Every student is talented and gifted in their own individual way, and