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Alissa Gamboa , Principal

Hello Roadrunners, and Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year at Los Cerritos!

Dear Families,

The Los Cerritos Community is truly the hidden gem of Long Beach, and I am deeply honored to be the lucky principal to call our school home! My career in education began at the elementary level as a first, third, and fourth grade teacher at Keller Elementary School (now a middle school) where I taught for nine years.  Following my time at Keller, I moved to Jordan High School as their Small Learning Communities and English Learner Coordinator. After that I was as an Assistant Principal at Hill Classical Middle School. It has been so rewarding to return to the elementary school setting, where my background in instruction and curriculum is its strongest. I'm thankful for the broad perspective my work at the secondary level provided about where our K-5 students are going, how we can help them prepare for their secondary experience, and what they ultimately need to become well-rounded college, career, and community-ready individuals in the future. Our kids are such an inspiring example of what our future holds.


Last year we chose a fun and exciting theme for our learning together, "Life is a Journey, Learning is an Adventure!" Every student at Los Cerritos holds a passport to new ideas and horizons. WE ALL hold the passport to success! I still believe in this exciting journey with all my heart. Sometimes the route to new learning is easy. We can also sometimes be coming from different places. Often, even the most adventurous of travelers may lose their way. What's important is to take the risks, look for a path that's right for you, talk it out with those your trust, and GO! It's always good to keep in mind that sometimes when we lose our way we discover something new that we never expected would be there in the first place. My goal is for us all to continue to grow, explore, and provide a caring, creative, fun, and rigorous experience for all students in every classroom. I also want to recognize the love and hard work we're all engaged in, which is reflected in our theme for the 2018-19 school year:

  • Imagine with all your mind,
  • Believe with all your heart,
  • Dig deep with all your soul, and

I'm so inspired by the minds, hearts, souls, and dreams of our students and this community.

Los Cerritos is a better school because of you!


Sincerely and with warm regard,

Alissa Gamboa

LBUSD 2015 Gamboa