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Uniform Policy

Los Cerritos Uniform Policy


Uniform Policy

2018 - 2019

Color               Solid navy blue bottoms or dark blue jeans (with no rips, tears, or marks)

                         Solid white, red or navy blue tops


Shirt Styles      White blouse (short or long sleeved) with collar

                          White/navy blue/red polo shirt with collar

                          White Turtlenecks

                          Los Cerritos logo t-shirts and navy blue or red sweatshirts and sweaters


Pant Styles      Solid navy blue pants (cotton/twill/corduroy)

                          Dark blue jeans (with no rips, tears, or marks)

                          Solid navy leggings (shirt must be finger-tip length)

                          Navy Los Cerritos logo sweat pants (must have the logo)

                          No oversized baggy pants


Shorts/Skirts  Solid navy blue

                         Dark blue jeans shorts

                         Skirts and shorts must be at least index-finger-tip length when arms are extended downward.

                         No jeans skirts, overalls, or jumpers

                         No over-sized baggy shorts (i.e. basketball shorts, board shorts, etc.)


Jumper Styles Navy blue jumpers or navy blue one piece dresses

                          No denim/jeans jumpers or overalls             


Shoes             Tennis/athletic shoes or any closed-toe shoes that covers the entire foot.  Open sandals, high heels, slipper-type

                        shoes, and flip-flops/thongs are all inappropriate for school.


Outerwear      Navy blue, no logos except Los Cerritos  - Red, no logos except Los Cerritos

                        On rainy or cold days, rain and winter coats of another color may be worn outside (not in the classroom)


Accessories   Socks and accessories may be of any color

                        Accessories contain must have NO inappropriate designs


Hats                Hats with a front and back rim may be worn outside, such as fedoras and sun hats

                        Navy or red baseball caps with the Los Cerritos logo or no logo may be worn outside

                        No logos on hats (with the exception of the Los Cerritos logos)


Uniform Standards

                        Skirts, shorts, and jumpers must be at least finger-tip length when arms are extended downward.

                        No spandex, gym-style shorts, sweat shorts. No tears, holes, frayed patches, slits in the seams, and ragged hems in

                        clothes and shoes. No non-Los Cerritos logo t-shirts. No sleeveless shirts are allowed. No sheer or see-through fabric. 


Financial         Please call the school at (562) 595-6337 and we will seek uniform assistance for you through

Assistance      our district sponsors.


Exemptions     If a parent chooses not to have their child participate in the school district’s uniform policy, s/he

                         may contact the principal and request to fill out an exemption form.  This form will need to be approved by the principal

                         and district annually.


Uniforms are worn Monday through Friday

Updated 6/18/18