About Los Cerritos


About Los Cerritos School

Los Cerritos Elementary is a moderately sized elementary school that serves a diverse group of students living in the Long Beach Unified School District. Los Cerritos is a school with a long history of strong community building activities, traditions, and an enhanced family atmosphere. Teachers and students form strong relationships and attention is given to each student’s academic and social needs. We value and respect all Los Cerritos members.

Our school prides itself on our deep commitment to best instructional practices. Three of our teachers, Mrs. Hedley, Mrs. Porter, and Dr. Carmean-Mathieu serve as our site Write for the Beginning coaches. Dr. Carmean-Mathieu serves as our Thinking Maps coach. Mrs. Scully leads our GATE site team. Our Common Core Lead Teachers for ELA are Ms. Arvanette and Mrs. Wariner and for Math Mrs. Bergher and Mrs. Haver. In these roles, teachers work with the faculty to help ensure all students' proficiency and accelerated learning.

Los Cerritos also has an impressive technology program. Students visit our Computer Lab every week. The classroom teachers bring the students to the lab where lessons and exercises are directly related to content currently being examined in each child’s classroom. 

We are one of the few local elementary schools to have our own garden where students and teachers can bring lessons alive by first receiving instruction in the classroom and then taking it beyond the indoor arena by experiencing plant and animal life in the great outdoors. 

As part of our Safe and Civil Schools program, the staff has established the Los Cerritos student Guidelines for Success. A campus visitor will find many colorful posters and guidelines for student behavior in all of our common areas.

Other wonderful programs and activities offered at Los Cerritos are character education, Art Masters, student council, instrumental and vocal music. We are also able to offer our students many field trips and assemblies related to visual and performing arts.

We strongly encourage and value parent participation through our VIPS program where parents can volunteer in classrooms, the office, garden, valet parking, field trips, or to help prepare materials for children. Additionally, parents participate in our PTA to support our school through fundraising, volunteering, and organizing social events.

Overall, Los Cerritos is a wonderfully green campus rich with a diverse student body, highly committed and skilled teachers, and a rigorous challenging curriculum that meets individual student needs.